Moving Abroad Made Easy

Moving Abroad Made Easy

21Nov 2014

The whole world seems to be on the move these days with people of all nationalities deciding to pack up and relocate to a foreign country in order to start a new, hopefully better life. Sadly there can be many obstacles in the way before achieving a successful move, and by choosing the best and most reliable international movers possible one can almost guarantee that the whole relocation will be a smooth and stress free one. So how do we know when a removal company is a good one? As with any company you will find that recommendations carry the most weight as the word soon gets round when a company is dishonest or unreliable. Ask friends and family members to learn if they have ever used the services of a removal company and if so ask how they would rate them in terms of professionalism, courtesy and of course price.  Doing a little homework to find out when the company was established can often reveal a lot about a company. Word travels fast and a company which has been trading for a matter of years rather than months will typically have a checkable reputation which will normally be a good one. A company with a poor working history will struggle to stay in business.Most removal firms will offer packing and unpacking services to make the process easier for their clients. Taking advantage of this option can often be a good choice as it allows the movers to do the task in the way that they feel best. Doing your own packing/unpacking is cheaper but if you get it wrong it can end up costing a lot more. If you are going to use the removal firm for transporting of your goods only, you will need to initially plan everything out very carefully before the removal van arrives on the day of the move. Allow ample time to prepare your belongings and gather as many cartons and other suitable containers for packing your possessions safely and securely. There’s a good chance that your household contents will be travelling for a very long time and distance so it’s extremely important that you pack everything correctly to minimize the risk of breakages. You will usually find that the company will supply removal boxes at an extra cost and it is well worth the extra expense in purchasing these types of boxes which are specifically designed for the job.Try and save all your old newspapers and magazines, bubble wrap and ample rolls of strong tape. Keep a few pens at hand along with at least one pair of large sharp scissors. Keep a stock list or inventory as it’s more commonly known in removal terms. Make a separate inventory for each box or bag of your goods and ensure that the list is detailed to include everything that it contains. This will help you enormously when you arrive at your new home by making the process of unpacking a much faster and easier one. Write on each box which room it will be assigned to at your final destination and when unloading the packing boxes you can simply place them in the correct location. Try to fill each box with items of similar size to avoid larger items damaging the smaller ones and where possible keep your own personal items which may be fragile or of a high value with you at all times.Bear in mind that carrying flammable goods can be hazardous and even illegal. The same applies to transporting food through certain countries and this should be checked with the local authorities in any country that your items will be travelling through

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