Using Pet Movers UK to Move the Whole Family

Using Pet Movers UK to Move the Whole Family

23 September 2014

If you’re moving home or relocating to another country, the excitement can often be blurred with the worry and concern of such an upheaval. It’s a stressful enough time for single people moving home; those with families have a whole host of new issues to contend with. Will both parents be able to find jobs, as well as settling into a new education system for those with children?

What about your beloved pets, will they be moving home with you? Many decide to leave pets at home, either having them adopted or leaving them with friends and family for a variety of reasons. But if you can’t imagine your new life without your family pet, then there is a whole host of services to enable such a transition, pet movers are just one of them.

First off, there are a lot of things to consider when moving your pet abroad. What will the vet fees be like abroad, and is there likely to be a language barrier, will it be affordable, or will you be able to get financial assistance with the health systems in your new country? And, what about where you will be living in your new country or location? If living on a temporary basis you may find yourself in a small apartment, whereas for many countries; apartments are deemed the most appropriate accommodation, and you may be hard pushed to find a house with ample space for a pet. Besides the space, in rented accommodation the landlord may object to even the smallest of household pets, so it’s best to ensure that you know all of this before moving your animals.

What is the lifestyle of your new home? Cats and dogs need ample space to roam, and your dog, especially, will need to be taken on plenty of walks. Will you be living in the centre of a booming city and will it be safe for your pet, with enough open space for them to explore? If not, it is probably for the best reconsidering to move your pet with you. As sad as it may be to say goodbye to loved pets, whilst this relocation is the best for you, staying in the country and space they are familiar with may be best for them.

For those that are positive that their pets will be making the move with the whole family, you should look at professional pet movers. Companies range from small and local to multi-national organisations, all providing a safe and smooth move for family pets, small and large. A pet mover’s service won’t just ensure that your pet arrives safe and sound in your new home, but will also cover a whole host of services such as arranging flights, injections and any legal paper work necessary. For anyone moving to a new country, a professional and experienced service is well-recommended to ensure your pets make it to your new home as safely and securely as possible. There are also plenty of forms, paperwork and loose ends that need to be organised for yourself and you would hate to forget any vital documents or necessities for your pet.

Once you know your relocation dates and times, it’s best to start looking online at the range of companies and services available. Once you have found a few preferred companies, get in touch and see what they can offer and when. Don’t forget to compare services as well as prices for a thorough pet mover service and invaluable peace of mind. Your pet will arrive safe and sound, and the whole family can enjoy settling in to their new home.

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