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EU MovesPreliminary preparation is the key to a successful international removal. The process of changing your home is a challenge for you and your family, as you change not only the house but your lifestyle as well. If you are going to face that challenge, our guide will be extremely useful. The most important step of the process is to choose a reliable moving partner that will help you handle the relocation easily and affordably.

At the beginning of the process of preparing for an international move a representative of the company will come to your home to inspect your belongings, to determine the appropriate packaging materials that will be needed and to introduce you to the moving services that they offer. During the assessment, he will give you hints if some of the belongings need special attention during transport, whether there is a need for a wooden frame for delicate and fragile things and some more essential details concerning the relocation, such as what size lorry to hire. The price offer you receive is based on the order you made, so you should be aware of everything you want to take with you. The cost of international removals, is determined by the volume of personal belongings for ground shipments and the volume and weight of air and sea cargo. Do not forget to make a detailed list of all the possessions you are going to transfer; it will be easier to check if everything has arrived intact after the transfer if you have a comprehensive inventory.

You might need to leave some of your belongings in storage. This is a very good option if you need to reduce the amount of personal belongings, in case you have let a semi- or fully furnished house or you will stay in a hotel until you find a new home in the country.

Make sure you have discussed the details of the insurance policy. The relocation consultant will give you complete information about the insurance options the company offers, in order to be sure that your belongings are adequately protected during transportation to the new home. It is unlikely that something bad will happen, but the insurance will help you feel relaxed and will ensure compensation in the case of loss or damage.

Any transfer, whether short or long-distance, whether by land, sea or air, is accompanied by a certain set of documents. You can rely on our international removal company to guide you in the process of organising the documents. Do not delay in obtaining and delivering the documents required for customs procedures because it is an important part of the preparation process and of moving as a whole.

International Removal ServicesPrior to traveling, collect some information about the country – the education options, legislation and health care. Check with the agency that is organising your travel about the details for the regulation of entry into the country and for the registration procedures for newcomers. Once you finish the preparatory process for the removal, you will be ready for a successful move.

Our primary objective is to ensure smooth and effective transportation of your personal belongings anywhere in the world you are moving to. Let us remove the stress that the moving process causes – your comfort is our goal in carrying out international removals.

You can be sure that London Removal can move your house or office anywhere, at any time. You will receive quality packaging materials, a professional approach all along the way, speed and quality. You will be informed about what is happening with your belongings throughout the process, so you can relax and enjoy your new home. Only the unsurpassed quality we offer guarantees a relaxed and trouble-free change of home.

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