There are many companies that are working and helping the people moving in and out in the North-Western corner of Kensington Gardens, but surely the Notting Hill Removals are the most famous one and the first you will think of when you are in the area. Like every other company in this business, this one is also offering the usual range of services with little additional ones. The gays from the staff will land you a hand in every part of UK and outside all over Europe.

You can relay on this company as you will do this on your best friend. They are working every day of the week, including the weekends. Of course the working time in the Sundays is not as long as on the other days, but surely you will have that in mind and choose this day of the week only if the things get really urgent.

The essential services of the company include light and full removals, as also delivery and packing. If you are living in tall building or in underground flours, or your office is on a level that is not comfortable for moving, you do not have to worry, because the guys from the company will be able to manage with this as well. The company offers help for the basement to the highest flour there is.

In order to make the planning easier and to make the job of the staff of the movers more precise, you have to give special information in the form you will be filling. What is essential for them is the address – you can give a street name and district, otherwise a postcode will also be enough. Of course you have to point on which level you are and to which level you are moving. Parking rules are very important in the area that you are, so this will make the loading of the furniture and luggage very comfortable and well planned. The access to your place is very important information that the company will use. If there are elevators it will be great. Otherwise the staff will think of other options to do their job.

The dimensions of the things that have to be moved will let the movers know of it will be enough for one person to do all the job or the people relocating will need a whole team.

Like every other self-respecting moving company the movers from the Kensington gardens will offer any packing materials. You only have to tell what you have done to the moment of the moving and what you will need more to pack your staff.

Otherwise this part of London is very nice place for living, so you have to think twice when you are planning a moving out of the district. From many years it is one region that is very famous with its reputation of fashionable district with very nice spots for shopping. The architecture of the part is also very interesting and beautiful. The Victorian terraces are some very significant details of the facades.

From the beginning of its existence it is an area which is known to be home for the alternative culture and many artists are working in the region.

What is still unclear about this part of Kensington Gardens is the origin of its name. According to a text of the 19th century, it derives from a name of a manor in the area, which sounded like “Nutting-barns”.

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