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Storage FacilitiesThe goal of any company offering professional services is to be at the disposal of its customers and meet all their specific needs. In the field of removal services there used to be a serious problem – how and where to organise the storage of furniture and other precious belongings before, during or after the planned relocation of your home or office.

In a lot of different cases you may need a secure area for storing your possessions. When you do a renovation of your home, you may need to move out some furniture and appliances to avoid scratches and damage during building or remodeling. In some cases, when people are going to live or study abroad, they prefer to use a storage unit to keep furniture until they return, instead of paying expensive rents for accommodations. There are also cases when the construction of your home is delayed for some time, and you need to store the furniture somewhere.

Besides, moving house or office doesn’t always goes as smoothly as you have planned. There could be any number of surprises along the way. There may even be a situation in which a company will need to leave its office without being clear about where all the equipment should to moved (for example, if in the process of negotiating for a new space). Or if you have to move to a smaller home and do not want to part with your favorite sofa, you can always use the services of a storage company. In most storage facilities you can store all your belongings and luggage and wait until their relocation to the new location. Storage is typically used along with other removal services a company offers and the use of combined services will make your move much easier.

Our storage units are secured against burglary, fire and moisture and you can be absolutely sure that your belongings are stored safely, without risk of damage. Any modern storage facility is created in accordance with the highest standards of quality and will insulate your belongings from any harmful and dangerous hazards. Most of them are also fitted with security cameras or guards in order to guarantee the best protection possible.

Self-StorageLondon Removal offers reliable and safe storage units for your needs. The essence of the service is the ability to be closer to our customers in case they have to keep certain objects in a secure place for a while – furniture or personal belongings of any kind. We have a reliable, safe, guarded and conveniently located storage facility. There, our customers can leave anything they need to in our secure units for really reasonable price. The amount of time you store your objects is adjustable, and depends only on the wishes of our clients.

The self storage facilities that we offer are perfect for safe storage of all your belongings – fitness and sports equipment, antique furniture, expensive dishes, seasonal clothing and more.
Businesses that need many regional storage centers for collecting their materials and products can take advantage of our storage services as well.

If necessary, London Removal provides disassembling or assembling of your furniture, packing and unpacking of your belongings, loading and transportation, and all the packing boxes or materials that you might need along with reliable, safe storage. So do not hesitate and give us a call on Call Now! because we are the answer to all your storage needs. Store safely all the things you love with us.

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